Thursday, February 11, 2010

speakeasies, drummin for haiti, and breakfast at tiffany's

Good morning Orange County. On the agenda today: 3 things you simply must know about! And no I'm not talking about Jay Buchanan, free rides on the Irvine Great Balloon, the Herculean Lakers gang (get well soon Kobe, dearest), or other staple ranting praises that we consistently sing here at The OC Gazette. These are new "must knows." Here goes:

1. BE THE DRUM. Southern California artists have banded together like a nouveau Salvation Army Band, attempting to bring hope and help to Haiti through their best gift: music. Be The Drum website says, " The drum has always been the life force in music all around the world. It’s the energy that moves people. It’s a rallying call, a pace setter and a motivater." So they've rallied their So Cal troops to arrange a collection of songs (some new and unreleased, and some you may have heard before) by bands and artists like Sara and Sean Watkins, Phil Wickham, The PawnShop Kings, Fiction Family, Danyew, Traveling Medicine Show, The Steelwells, and many more. The compilation is available now as a digital download here and will include MP3s and album artwork. The album is sure to delight your ears and 100% of the proceeds go directly to Oxfam America's relief efforts in Haiti.




2. TONIGHT: BREAKFAST AT TIFFANY'S. Nominated for several Academy Awards (the film won for best film score, the handiwork of Henry Mancini, as well as snagged the Best Song award for Johnny Mercer's whimsical yet longing standard "Moon River") this movie is definitely among most people's Top Favorite Movie Picks List. Now you can see it in the broad splendor of the big theater screen again! And for FREE! Fullerton's Fox Theater is showing the movie tonight at 7pm. Arrive early to participate in raffles, trivia, and prime seat hunting.


3. WHY NOT SPEND THE EVE OF LOVE IN A SPEAKEASY? It's Long Beach Playhouse's 80th Anniversary! And what better way to celebrate our love for the local gem than to host "the swankiest 1929-style" speakeasy the city has every seen? The website proclaims: "Come celebrate Long Beach Playhouse’s 80th Anniversary at Joey “The Saint” Valentine’s Speakeasy. From the bee’s knees to the cat’s pajamasJoin Long Beach Mayor Bob Foster and LA County Supervisor Don Knabe as they mingle with Gloria Swanson, George Raft and W.C. Fields. You never know what other celebrities will be popping in at the Speakeasy. Dress to the hilt. Spats, fedoras, flapper garb and other vintage attire encouraged!"

Ticket information:
$250 to sit your keister down front with Joey; $150 elsewhere. Tables of 10 available for groups of guys & dolls.
Contact Kylene ‘Betty Boop’ Elad for seating and the secret password.
Call (562) 494-1014, ext 500 or email:

 Photo from the LIFE Archive.


On my iPod: "Moon River"


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