Thursday, February 4, 2010

Why Jack Gallagher Loves OC


Our third installment of our month-long love letter to Orange County entitled Why We Love OC  features Jack Gallagher a Director/Producer from right here in Orange County. We first met Jack while doing research for our February feature in The OC Gazette "Hollywood and Orange County: The Beginning of a Beautiful Friendship." Jack, a member of the Media Alliance of Orange County and director of the recent film on the history of The Newport Beach Film Festival The First Ten, helped us chronicle the last 100 years that Orange County has been involved in filmmaking. Jack calls himself an "Orange County small-scale celebrity," but we say good things come in small packages. Just take a look at the little gem-of-a-list Jack wrote up for us on why HE loves Orange County.

[ Jack Gallagher looking debonaire. ]

My three most loveable things about Orange County: 
A List by Jack Gallagher
  1. No Snow Scrapers.
  2. No Snow Tires.
  3. No slush.  'Nuff said.
Keep checking in daily for more love letters from your favorite Orange Countians throughout the month of February! 

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