Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Why Evan Marks Loves OC

This installment of our month-long love letter to Orange County (Why We Love OC) features Evan Marks.  Evan is the founder of The Ecology Center in San Juan Capistrano. We met Evan when we attended the Green Feast event in September- an outdoor gourmet fundraising dinner featuring a multi-course meal of local, sustainably-produced food. You can read our article on The Ecology Center digitally here (page 16). The Ecology Center is doing its part to educate the public on today's environmental issues by providing resources about low-impact living, by offering eco-design education programs for teens, by hosting frequent workshops on sustainable living (neato, hands-on workshops, like how to make a terrarium), and plenty of other ways. And now, ladies and gentleman, Evan Marks' love letter to Orange County:

"To me, Orange County represents much more an opportunity rather than a place. Growing up locally, I relate to the culture and sites of our county, but those aren't the reasons that keep me here. My experiences of working and living out of the region for ten years give me insights into what Orange County could be. Imagine a county with clean ocean water, year-round. Imagine a county with enough local and organic food production to feed the entire community. Imagine a county without homeless, hungry and poor amongst the riches. Most importantly, imagine a county committed to working together to improve our environment for current and future generations.

I returned home to help organize a community with such concerns. I am the founder and Director of The Ecology Center, a resource/education center with the simple mission to provide everyday ecological solutions accessible to all ages. The Ecology Center seeks to bring all members of the community together in a solutions-based educational setting to create a healthy and abundant future for all of Orange County. Overall, we believe the world we live in is facing radical change – and our aim is to help find positive futures in the face of that change. To get in shape for the challenges of the future we need a culture that knows how to sustain the things that sustain us and at the same time nurtures creativity, imagination and adaptability. This is the future as we see it for Orange County. Only together can we design/create our future: one with clean air, water, soil and power for current and future generations. Please join us!" 

-Evan Marks, Founder & Director of The Ecology Center
[photo by Blythe Hill]
For more info, visit TheEcologyCenter.org.

Stay tuned for more love letters from your favorite local celebs, professionals, athletes and more right here at the OC Gazette Blog!

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