Friday, February 26, 2010

Why Ryan Heuser Loves OC

featuring RYAN HEUSER

The next installment of our month-long love letter to Orange County (entitled Why We Love OC) spotlights Ryan Heuser, co-founder/president of Paul Frank Industries. (Does the wide-grinned, famous face of Julius come to mind?) Heuser is a true visionary who combined inspiration drawn from his surroundings, a Chapman marketing/communications degree and fashion industry knowledge (after working in public relations for Mossimo, Inc.) to build the locally and globally favored company, Paul Frank. Heuser's job combines the best of the creative and business worlds, and he even makes time to restore homes and run marathons on the side. Paul Frank started in 1995 inside a small Huntington Beach garage when a group of artistically inspired friends gathered to create whimsical, bright colored gifts. After incorporating in 1997, Paul Frank took off in the fashion industry. In 2001, Brandweek Magazine recognized the company as "Marketers of the Next Generation." Today, the company has 18 stores worldwide from Southern California to Malaysia - they refer to their own growth as "creating smiles all over the globe." 

Without further ado, Ryan Heuser on why he loves OC:
[Ryan Heuser]

"In the past decade, Orange County has emerged as a creative force showcasing many globally recognized success stories in the music, art, film and fashion industries. When you really look at what we have to offer in terms of quality of life, weather and talent pool, the only thing Orange County is missing is the 'HOLLYWOOD' sign."

- Ryan Heuser, Co-founder/President of Paul Frank

[Paul Frank's famous character Julius]
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