Thursday, March 18, 2010

2 things duelling for coolest thing on earth.

Today's post addresses 2 Things that are dueling for position as {cue Movie Trailer voice-over here} "COOLEST THING ON EARTH."

Candidate #1: NCAA March Madness On Demand (MMOD) at
March Madness is here! But some of us have the daily inconvenience of work hindering us from keeping up on all the games. But wait, there is salvation! Think of NCAA March Madness on Demand as your Moses leading you out of the land of bondage (work) into the promised land (live sports all day from the comfort of your swivel chair behind your computer station). 
The web player features live streaming of every single NCAA Tourney game from first round to Championships, game highlights, archives, and highlights from other live games as you watch your team dominate (knock on wood).
Best part of the website? The BOSS BUTTON. Here's the scenario. You're at work. You should be working. But it's the Sweet 16 and [insert your college team here] is throwing down on [insert your nemesis college team here]. So of course you're watching March Madness on Demand instead of pushing papers. But wait...crisis...your boss emerges from his gilded office and begins to approach your desk. What do you do? Click the BOSS BUTTON located conveniently at the upper right corner of the MMOD player and it will open a screen with a faux workflow. The chart includes hilarious chart points that say things like "Use false hope and coffee to keep your internal organs from voluntarily failing." Your job is saved. Oh, and there's an MMOD iPhone app. [And the people rejoiced].  

Candidate #2: Our Bras For a Cause charity entry "The Rings of Fire." 
This year we are participating in the Bras For A Cause charity event again. The event, held by the Soroptimists of Lake Forest, raises funds for women and girls in the Orange County area. The event orbits around crafting bras based on a set theme. This year's theme is "Oldies But Goodies." So participants create themed bras like "Blue Suede Boobs" and "Blueberry Hills" to draw guests into a night of fabulous auctions, giveaways, and food provided by local restaurants like Outback Steakhouse of Foothill Ranch. The OC Gazette's bra is called "The Rings of Fire". And it's gonna win, people.
Come out to enjoy the festivities and amusing, abounding boob innuendoes. The event is this Saturday the 20th at 6pm at The Norman P. Murray Community Center in Mission Viejo. $35 for a ticket (includes food and drink galore!). Call Marion Duffy at 949-683-7874 for more info.
See our promotional poster for our entry below (click for full view). It's 11x17 poster-size should you want to print it at Kinkos and hang it next to your Rob Pattinson Teen Beat poster in your room.

On my iPod: Johnny Cash's "One Piece At A Time" 

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