Wednesday, March 10, 2010

New Stuff From T. Patterson's Mike Losness

[Mike Losness's recent project: Insurfnia]

Got an email from Scott over at Timmy Patterson Surfboards yesterday about all the great things local SC surfer Mike Losness has got his hands in lately: Shredding waves and shooting film. He just filmed a clip that is up for voting to be put in Taylor Steel's newest movie project

[A look at Innersection's homepage. A real beaut' eh?]

Here's how the site (which is a specimen of design in my mind) explains what is:

IT'S PRETTY SIMPLE.  Surfers/filmers put their sections on the site (week 1). Members rate the sections on a 1-10 scale (week 2), which narrows the field down to Top 10 finalists. Then Members rank the Top 10 in order of preference: 1 thru 10 (week 3). After that, (week 4) we announce the winners and do it all over again.
The five highest rated surf sections will then become part of the Innersection surf movie. They will have the rest of the year to improve their section before it goes on the final DVD.
The final Innersection DVD will include the year's top 20 sections — five qualifiers from four Rounds of competition. From these 20, you will decide which section deserves the grand prize of $100,000.
See. Simple.

Don't you just love the no fluff, laid-back writing style of surfers? Makes me miss Happy Mag.

[R.I.P. Happy Mag]

Mike filmed AND edited his bit in only 2 months, but nonetheless delivered the goods. Mike and his cameras went from Bali to El Salvador to Barbados and back, only going to prove this guys addiction to the sport of surfing. It's this premise that inspired the name of the section, "Insurfnia," a disease that has affected many a surfer and kept him up many a night dreaming of that perfect barrell. You can check out Mike's awesome video here and don't forget to vote for it to help him get in the top ten running!

- Amy
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