Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Local Artist Spotlight: Stereofix

When I first put Stereofix on, my friend asked, “Is this U2?”  Yeah. That’s a pretty epic comparison to draw between one of the greatest rock bands in the world and an up and coming band from Fountain Valley, CA. But it’s not undeserved. Stereofix pumps out catchy vocals, effect-laden guitar lines and an all over tightly-polished sound reminiscent of 90’s radio rock. A musical cocktail of different sounds and musical eras, Stereofix is a mixture of The Killers, the whimsically grandiose instrumentation of Keane, and the polished arena rock of U2. Quite a cocktail isn’t it? That’s what happens when you mix four guys with their own impressive arsenal of music knowledge and experience.

[Photo by Sarah Buss]

All of the members of Stereofix have been playing music since they were teenagers, drawing on the greats like Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, The Stones and U2 for inspiration. “We have a pretty diverse age group of fans, from 14-year-olds to ages 40 and up,” says Stereofix lead guitarist Kamren Alexander. “Each generation kind of perceives us differently. They’ll be like, ‘That riff you were doing was so Jimmy Page’ or, ‘Your vocals remind me of Bryan Ferry.’ It’s random, and it’s all different from generation to generation.”

[Left: Ray Alexander (lead vocals), Right: Mark Allan (bass). Photo by Carlos Roberto Sanchez]

Stereofix is comprised of brothers Ray (lead vocals) and Kamren Alexander (lead guitar/vocals), Mark Allan (bass guitar) and Anthony Hainswoth (drums). Ray started out in a band called The Spun. Not soon after, Rays’ brother Kamren joined the ranks of the group on lead guitar and the duo began its ascent to success, playing shows all over LA and Orange County. Soon Mark Allan was added on bass and the newly formed trio were holding auditions for a drummer. After a colorful showing of interviewees, Anthony Hainswoth came in, their knight in shining armor, to complete the group.  A name change and a new drummer later, Stereofix was born.

[Left: Kamren Alexander (lead guitar/vocals), Right: Anthony Hainswoth (drums). Photo by Carlos Roberto Sanchez]

When people are comparing you to U2 and the Killers, you’re bound to go places. Stereofix is doing just that. With the help of producers/engineers Mark Needham (The Killers and My Chemical Romance) and Joe Zook (Modest Mouse and One Republic), Stereofix put out their latest EP, “The Warning Sign.” Their songs have been featured on The Hills, The City, Real World, and more. They have opened for such bands as Everclear, Three6Mafia, and Rehab. They won Best Alternative at the 2010 Orange County Music Awards. And this is just the beginning. With a rigorous daily practice routine and a steady tour schedule, these guys have the work ethic, talent and charisma to make big things happen.

You’ve got plenty of chances to check out these local boys in the upcoming months. Besides a residency at one of my favorite local venues The Gypsy Lounge in March, Stereofix will be playing shows in Long Beach, Santa Ana, Universal City and more. Check out their upcoming dates below. Don’t forget to say hi to the guys. Not only are they great musicians, they’re fine fellows.

- Amy

On my iTunes: Stereofix’s “A Day Without You”

4/25/10 - The Galaxy Theater - (Santa Ana, CA)
4/17/10 - Dipiazza’s- (Long Beach, CA)
4/02/10 - The Yost Theatre Benefit Show for MS - (Santa Ana, CA)
3/27/10 - Universal City Walk - (Universal City, CA)
3/25/10 - The Gypsy Lounge - Residency Week 4 (Lake Forest, CA) 


  1. This band is going to explode ... I love them they remind me of the early U2


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