Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Egg-cellent Easter Crafts!

Can you believe that April is only two days away? I still can't believe it's 2010, and here it is already April. With the approach of April comes a list of annual "expectables." I made that word up, but I don't care because I'm writing this post and therefore get to do what I want for a minute. Here are the April expectables I'm talking about:

1) April Showers. Even in Southern California; Just when we thought summer was suddenly here, gray skies greeted us on the morning commute today.
2) Tax Day. I'd like to see the statistics that show what percentage of people have their taxes finished before March even begins, and those who scramble the very last week. I'll just say: don't make the mistake I did last year and go to the post office to mail a birthday package on April 15th. Which leads me to the next point,
3) April Birthdays. I think about half the people I know have birthdays in April. I can name 7 people right now, and I know there's a whole slew more that I could find by checking Facebook, which has been giving me about 5 birthday notifications per day. A girl could go broke trying to be nice this month.
4) EASTER! There are more April events to list, but I'll stop here because it leads me to the point of this post: Easter crafting. Specifically, crafting with eggs. I love it; any other time of the year, people would think you're nutso if you start coloring and spiffing up hard-boiled eggs, but once a year, the planets align and the full moon rises and it's kosher to bedazzle a pre-poultry zygote.

I encourage you to take advantage of this by exploring what the world wide web has to offer in the way of unique egg decorating ideas. There are tons of sites and blogs out there waiting to inspire you. Take a look at just a couple ideas I found whilst browsing this morn:

Go Lazarus and turn an egg into a bird,

go territorial with names and initials,

 go Jackson Pollock and splatter away, 

 or stick with a glittery twist on the classic polka-dotted egg,

 The above four images are from a post by Reader's Digest- click here to go there and find directions for each.

In case none of those suited your fancy, here are a few more gems:


"Who says wreaths are Christmas-only decor?"

and, for the advanced decorator, 

"SuperEgg-man is here to save Easter!"

[the above three ideas courtesy of FamilyFun - instructions can be found by clicking here]

There you have it folks- seven jazzy ways to add pizazz to your Easter eggs. You're sure to be the new egg decorating egg-spert at your annual gatherings, the hero of children ages 3-9, and the envy of crafters over 20.*

Stay crafty, Orange County! 

*Statistics not guaranteed to reflect actual results. Ages of impressed folk are estimated based on the assumption that adolescents age 10-19 remain in a jaded, unimpressed state for approximately 9 years. 

on my blip: George Harrison's "My Sweet Lord"

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