Friday, March 26, 2010

Wild Things, Hitchins, and Fashion

[Director Spike Jonze and Max Records on location in Australia filming Where The Wild Things Are. Photo by Sonny Geras.]

1. A few things on the agenda for todays blog. First of all, Where The Wild Things Are is playing at The Great Park for their "Movie on The Lawn" series. I heard about this great event from fellow blogger, The flick starts at 7:30 on Saturday March 27th, so dust off your beach chairs, pack some snacks and your snuggie, and head over to the Irvine Great Park. Just drive towards the great orange orb looming in the sky and it will lead you, as sure as the North Star led the three wise men, to cinematic salvation.

* A cool fact about Spike Jonze's Where The Wild Things Are: The Cinematographer, Sonny Gerasimowicz, is from Orange County! Check out our article on the film and the local artists who contributed to it here.

2. Second on the agenda - wedding season is upon us. People are tying on the old ball and chain faster than tickets sellout for a Hannah Montana show. It's like an epidemic!  Call it spring fever, call it what you will, but definitely call Starla Bork.  Who is Starla Bork?  The lovely owner of Enchanted Fine Florals, your florist for any event, including your hitchin'. I've known Starla for years as she worked at the flower shop next door to the coffee shop I worked at through high school and college. [Shout out to Kaylani Coffee! Franny - you're the best barista in Orange County now that I'm gone :)] I always requested Starla when I stopped by to pick up a bouquet or a center piece, because her ability to design the most unique and magical flower arrangements is simply amazing! With ten years of experience, it's no wonder. Not only is she an amazing florist, she is so professional and an absolute pleasure to work with. Enough of my ramblings - check out her work below. It speaks for itself!

You can get a hold of Starla the following ways:
Head over to her website.
Or give her a ring at (949) 412-4868.

3. The third thing on the agenda is another great website that we are currently loving at The OC Gazette HQ.

[The lovely Leslie Christen.] is a sight run by OC native, Leslie Christen. Let me give you a bulleted list of her services:

- Personal Shopping
- Fashion Stylist
- Home Organization
- Image Consulting
- Full Concierge Service
- Closet Clean Out
- Men, Women, Children

Quite a list isn't it?  Not only does she offer all of this, she keeps up the aforementioned blog with regular postings of tips, fashion advice, and great finds that will cause any fashionista to squeal with glee. We liked it so much we did an online special feature of some tips Leslie has for cleaning out that jungle of clothes you call a closet. The feature is written by Mona Shah, whose closets were the project for the feature, and includes before, during and after photos of the whole process. Go here to check it out.

That's all I've got for now.
Have a great weekend Orange County!

- Amy
On my account now: Tegan and Sara's cover of Bruce Springsteen's "Dancing in the Dark." 

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