Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Free Screening of "The Cove" Tonight in Newport

If you happen to find yourself in need of plans this evening, may I heartily suggest that you mosey on down to Cinema Sage Hill for a FREE screening of The Cove? The 2009 Academy Award winning documentary shines light on a deadly secret about the mass-slaughtering of dolphins in a cove of Taiji, Japan.

It's pretty rare that you can see a film for free in a theater these days, let alone last year's Academy Award winner for Best Documentary, so even if you do have plans already, you might want to consider forgoing those to take advantage of this rare opportunity.

For more info, click the bluish-gray flier above to enlarge it, or click here.

And make sure to let us know what your personal thoughts about the film are, after seeing it!

Happy Tuesday!


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